Thanks to your votes and promotion, I’ve been named St. Louis’ Sexiest (female) Cybergeek for 2011! Voting on six women and four men was open mid-April-May, with the winner announced at an event in June. Major thanks to Girls Guide to the Galaxy, Miken Technologies and The Scottish Arms for the contest, the prizes and the party venue. Thanks also to my side writing projects ReviewSTL (current) and Nerdbastards (former) for the promotion, and to all readers, friends, family members, coworkers and dinosaurs for the votes. Read this blog post for the lowdown on how I won, and read below for previous information about voting for your favorite #sexxxay interwebz nerd!



Sexxxay news flash! Apparently, yours truly has the potential to be the "Sexiest CyberGeek" in St. Louis. “Sexiest” only is bestowed if enough of you vote, of course. Otherwise, I’ll just be “CyberGeek.” Or “Weird.”

How to vote! Visit the Girls Guide to the Galaxy, read my bio (I’m Allison, in case you haven’t figured it out from the avatar), and scroll down past the gentlemen to vote for me. You can vote on each of your devices (laptop, desktop, mobile, etc.) once per day through May 6, so start stuffing the ballot box with nerdlove!

Random thoughts! I have no idea how I was nominated as one of STL’s sexiest cybergeeks. Maybe they read my Nerdbastards stuff? But I’m down with it. Man, I really hope this contest has a pageant where I can show off my lightsaber skills and wear a sash decorated with zombie-bitten intestines. I aim to misbehave. If you help me win, I’ll think up some fabulously awful task that I’ll do to show you my appreciation - maybe I’ll karaoke some god-awful songs and try to lose my music cred?

Just remember: A vote for this Marvel-loving, karaoke-singing nerd is a vote for teh awesomez. :)